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Get Started

Starting the transformation process of your life with a new service dog is easy. Simply fill out the application online and submit your $30 application fee via our PayPal link.

Applications are reviewed once a month by our Board of Directors. When your application is received you will receive a confirmation letter and once the board has reviewed your application you will receive a letter and/or be contacted by a trainer who will let you know the status of your application. You will then set up an interview and home visit if you are close enough to out location to do in person.

If you are more than three hours away from the Grand Ledge Michigan area, you will conduct your interview and home visit via a detailed process on Skype which we will talk you through. Once your application has been approved you will be invited to a monthly client-dog-team meeting to meet our dogs and our other clients in your group. Glad works with 5 to 6 families every six months as a group or “cohort”. You will have the opportunity to meet others in your cohort and they will become a support and education group for you as you journey through the nearly one year process from beginning to end.

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